Canoeing and kayaking

Choosing what kayak you should get can be difficult, especially if it is your first time buying one. Several different factors come into play when deciding on which kayaks to purchase. In this article, we will show you how to choose the right kayaks for your needs.

  1. Your Budget

Before choosing the right kayak, you have to know how much money you are willing to spend on it. Kayaks can range anywhere from $100 for a cheap recreational kayak to upwards of $8500 for a high-performance racing kayak! The more money you spend, the more comfort and better design you will get, but it’s always important to stay within the limits of your budget.

  1. The Weight

Weight is always an issue when it comes to kayaks because if they get too heavy, it won’t be possible to load and transport them. You will need a very sturdy roof rack or trailer that can support the weight of your kayak. If you plan to take a long trip from your car to the water’s edge, you should think about getting a lighter kayak with some added features such as a skeg or retractable rudder to stabilize it.

  1. The length of the kayak matters

The longer the kayak, the faster and more stable it will be. It would help if you also considered that typically a longer boat would be wider, which could slow you down compared to a shorter boat. If you plan on paddling long distances, you may want to consider a longer kayak for its added speed and stability.


Many different kayaks with their features make them good choices for certain things over others. The most important thing you should take away from this article is that the best kayak is the one that meets your needs, no matter how big or small. Keep these tips in mind when choosing kayaks for you and your family.