Events and Team Building

Are you looking to organise an enterprise event or a seminar in the near future? If yes, then integrate Artificial Intelligence-led bots within your mobile app for events to give your attendees a wonderful user experience. A bot, powered by AI, can beef up the quality of your customer experience like never before.

Given below are some of the reasons which show why you need a chatbot for your future trade shows and conferences:

Real-time communication: In order to create a market value for your brand, it is imperative that you provide support to your customers instantly in real-time ( An in-app bot can be a great tool in this case. An AI bot is capable of notifying and updating the users with the most advanced information and facts related to your event. Programmed with Natural Language Processing (NLP), a bot understands human sentiments and emotions. Based on user interests and preferences, the bot updates the user with session bookings, seat reservations, car parking slots, fun corners, booth numbers, banquet halls, nearby ATMs and cafes, and much more ( This serves as a great guide for the users, who get the latest facts, figures and statistics, related to the event, in real time.

Improved Engagement: A bot can be a great way to engage your audiences. Since it is embedded within an enterprise app platform, users can access the app to connect with the bot and seek information such as event brochures, speakers’ lists and sessions, event itinerary, Survey forms, Feedback forms, Polls and other activities. Users get optimum support for all their queries, and they feel more connected to a brand with such a support offered to them.

Personalised conversation: A bot interacts with humans in a personalised tone. And this is where users feel a lot more interested to talk to a bot. A friendly and informal tone, makes a user feel more comfortable and encourages him to ask more questions to the bot. A one-on-one conversational flow, between a bot and its audiences, amps up the quality of interaction as well. A bot responds to the users with tailor-built solutions, which develops a healthy relation between a bot and its customers.

Inside view of a party events wedding celebration banquet tent

Networking: A bot has the power of connecting attendees with one another. It is capable of retrieving attendee profiles and presenting them to one another. This helps in boosting networking opportunities amongst the delegates ( For instance, once a bot interacts with a user, it understands his choices and moods, accordingly, it finds the most suitable attendee profile for the user for further meetings. Such meetings initiate joint business ventures and collaborations, thereby, promoting networking.

All in all, integrating bots within event apps, is highly beneficial for any company which plans to improve its customer support system. Corporate giants are focusing on bot integrations because of the automation that it brings to a business process. If you, too, prefer to take your events to newer heights, then develop and integrate your bot into your conference app, and see the positive impact for yourself.